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Katriona Dean's Canada 150 Art Installation is NOW on display!

STARTS May 01 - ENDS Jun 30

Katriona Dean’s Canada 150 art installation is now on display in Centre Court! We invite you to join us during the months of May & June to view her work and take a photo with the Canada 150 sculpture.

“I believe that art unites us,” says Katriona “it brings people together and breaks down barriers. After seeing the Lansdowne Place call for artists, I was compelled to reach out via social media to ask friends and family what they enjoyed most about Canada. The responses were overwhelmingly aligned: “diversity” and the “freedom to be oneself”. With that feedback at the forefront of my mind I was inspired to create a sculpture that would provide an array of elements from which passersby could choose a unique backdrop for their selfie, ensuring vast and unique entries for the Canada 150 photo contest.”  

Katriona went on to explain “My recent drive across Canada also gave me a unique and up-close perspective of new and inspiring culture experiences, exposure to the vast Canadian landscapes, and intimate contact with wildlife in their natural habitats. These experiences compelled me to create an entry for the Lansdowne Place’s Canada 150 Art Contest for a chance to showcase Canada in my home town of Peterborough, Ontario.”


For further information about Katriona Dean, please visit her website at http://www.katrionadean.com/

To learn more about our Canada 150 ‘Faces of Canada’ Photo Contest please click on our Canada 150 Photo Contest on our Events Page.

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