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The role of the Security Department at Lansdowne Place is to ensure every visitor has a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

By patrolling and monitoring all areas of the Shopping Centre, the Lansdowne Place Security Team makes certain that all visitors abide by the center’s rules and regulations and conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to a safe and secure environment.

Lansdowne Place Security maintains a uniformed staff who oversee all aspects of safety and security in the shopping centre as well as the exterior parking lots.

The Security Department patrols the Shopping Centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year while providing an increased presence during the busier times of the week and year. The Lansdowne Place Security Office is located in the Food Court.  Security can also be contacted through Customer Service located at Entrance # 1 or by calling 705.768.0852.   


The Security Team is available to assist mall patrons and tenants in many ways, including but not limited to:

• Assisting patrons with location of vehicles.
• Our Security team are trained in CPR, First Aid and use of on-site defibrillators
• Locating lost children.
• Operating a lost and found property program for items found at Lansdowne Place.
• Ensuring personal safety through escorts and regular uniformed patrols.

In addition to patrolling the Shopping Centre, our Security team also conduct regular patrols in the mall parking lot and operate a marked bike patrol during the summer months. These patrols serve to deter crime, identify suspicious behaviour and to assist shoppers in parking lot.  Lansdowne Place maintains an advanced closed circuit camera system which observes the interior and exterior of the mall. Calls for assistance are dispatched to the appropriate Security team member who are trained to deal with any situations that may arise. Our Security team act as an important link with the Peterborough Police Service and other emergency services that may be required at Lansdowne Place.


In order to further protect visitors to Lansdowne Place, Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) are located throughout the property and all members of the Security Service, as well as Administration and Operations staff are trained in the use of these life-saving cardiac devices. All Security and Operations personnel are also trained in first aid and CPR.


Lansdowne Place strives to provide our shoppers with a safe and comfortable shopping environment for your enjoyment we asks that you take a moment to become familiar with our Code of Conduct Policy (link for code of Conduct)

Hoverboards (self propelled motorized objects) are NOT allowed in the shopping centre.


Did you lose an item while visiting the shopping centre?

Call our Guest Services at 705-748-2961



Applicants seeking employment for the position of Security with Lansdowne Place Security Department must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be of good moral character with no criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted.
  • Provide proof of a minimum of grade 12 education. A diploma from a community college in Law & Security or Police Foundations, or similar educational undertaking would be an asset.
  • Provide proof of a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.
  • Provide proof of current First Aid and C.P.R. certificates.
  • A valid Security License from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.
  • Resumes along with a cover letter outlining your professional skills can be submitted to careers@tricomsecurity.ca or by fax to 1-877-913-1749.  An application can also be completed online by clicking the link below.

                                                   Apply Now



An enjoyable shopping outing is also a safe one. Here are a few safety tips to consider.

  • Park close to your shopping destination. Let your family and friends know your shopping plans and when you will be coming home.
  • Double-check your vehicle to make sure it is locked and windows are rolled up.
  • Keep all shopping parcels and other valuables out of sight.
  • When shopping with other’s, set a time and place to meet during your shopping outing. If you are shopping with children, keep track of their whereabouts.
  • Keep purses close to your body. Wallets should be kept in a breast pocket. Waist packs are also useful for keeping money in front of you while leaving your hands free for shopping.
  • If you are leaving the Shopping Centre and someone approaches you, return to the building and contact Security. Our staff will escort you to your vehicle.
  • Have car keys in hand before you get to your car. When you return to your car, be aware of your surroundings.

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