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Did you know that Lansdowne Place has not only been recognized by BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) for achieving environmental excellence, but is also the first property in Canada to receive a LEED® Commercial Interiors Silver Designation?

We're proud of the programs we have in place that show our committment to this community and to the environment:

  • Behind the counter organics program that turns food waste into grey water

  • Lighting, heating and air conditioning are controlled by an energy management system

  • Skylights and clerestory windows help harvest natural daylight which reduces the need for artificial light in the summer months by 30%. We use eco-friendly light bulbs

  • We recycle cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, coat hangers, paper, plastic wrap, batteries, paint, toners and fluorescent tubes

  • Landscaping is pesticide free

  • Washrooms are equipped with energy efficient hand-dryers, hands free faucets, and low flow toilets to conserve water

  • We use eco-friendly cleaning supplies

  • Weather-based smart controlled irrigation system is installed to save up to 50% water consumption by making real-time adjustments as the weather changes

  • We are a partner for Hoarding for Humanity which re-uses drywall hoardings for future Habitat builds

  • Mall wide gift cards are printed on recycled materials

  • A proud member of the ACT program; Always Consider Tomorrow.

  • We recycle gift cards at the Customer Service desk

  • A Greener Way to Clean Your Tray: Lansdowne Place has introduced a sorting station in the mall food court and removed the garbage containers to help further divert the unnecessary amount of waste ending up at the landfill.

Use the link below to learn more about 20 VIC Management Inc.‘s committment to GREEN.

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